Since privatisation, more than £10 billion has been invested in the UK energy industry, which has kept prices amongst the lowest in the European Union.

The energy industry is facing the biggest period of change since the industrial revolution. Globally, the need to find cheaper, greener energy sources and the increasing focus on reducing carbon emissions, whilst responding to the world's energy challenge, continues to drive change across the industry as a whole.

In the UK, the sector has seen the rapid expansion of the renewables industry, with On-shore and Off-shore Wind, Wave & Tidal, and solar power increasing significantly in recent times. The UK is also experiencing the revitalisation of Nuclear Energy and the emerging market of shale gas which together with Renewables, will shape the future Energy landscape.

Despite the role it plays, the sector faces a series of unprecedented challenges: increased public scrutiny and an expectation to provide greener, cheaper services (the UK government has set a target that by 2020, 15% of total energy consumed should be from renewable sources); increased legislation and regulation, and an ageing infrastructure and facilities provision (for example, in the electricity sector alone, it is estimated that over £100bn of capital investment is required in the next decade to address this problem).

Against this backdrop, the energy industry is facing up to the challenges of chronic talent shortages. Acute shortages exist across engineering (with a demand for STEM-related jobs increasing by 2.4 million by 2014, according to Engineering UK). This is compounded by an ageing workforce across the energy sector, with some UK energy companies reporting that up to 80% of its engineers are expected to retire within the next two decades.

Huxley Engineering's Energy Division is working closely with the energy sector to respond to the talent challenge.

With a proven track record of working with the Energy sector, we have extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of the energy markets. We're recognised for the knowledge and advice we provide, and have published a number of market updates and reports, such as 'The offshore skills challenge for Renewables' report and The Energy and Commodities Recruitment Market Update.

Our expert teams, Recruiters and Researchers work in specialist vertical sectors and have in-depth knowledge of the market, clients' specific needs, and the needs and aspirations of candidates, and use the latest market mapping and candidate sourcing techniques to identify and match the right talent with the right roles.

We recruit across Power (Commissioning, Construction, Generation and Power Maintenance), Nuclear (Commissioning, Nuclear Maintenance, Decommissioning and Nuclear Operations) as well as Transmission & Distribution, and our clients include some of the world's best known energy companies.