Process Engineering

With processing accounting for 73% of UK industrial energy usage, it seems likely that process plant owners will be a core target market.

The UK manufacturing industry is enjoying its strongest growth period for a number of years (the CBI* recently found that order growth in the 3 months to January 2014 was at its strongest since 2011, and the CIPS Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index is at its highest levels in its 22 year history, in terms of production and growth). Innovation in equipment, process and techniques will enable the UK recruitment market to remain competitive, with a strong, long term prognosis predicted for manufacturing. Coupled with the UK economic recovery, this presents an exciting and challenging future for UK manufacturing and a surge in skills demand.

A return to growth means the critical challenge for employers is how to attract and recruit key technical talent.

With an ageing engineering population, the UK will need about 100,000 new scientists, engineers and technologists every year for the next 5 years. In total, an additional 830,000 new science, engineering and technology (SET) professionals and 450,000 SET technicians will be required between now and 2020.

Huxley Engineering's Process Engineering Division has considerable experience helping employers to respond to this challenge.

Our teams are specialists in their vertical markets and recruit across Design, Operations & Control. They work closely with their chemical, petrochemical and mineral processing, advance material, food, pharmaceutical and biotechnological clients, to understand their specific technical, experiential, and cultural requirements.

Using the latest market mapping and candidate sourcing techniques, they identify and match the best people with the best roles. We've earned a well-deserved reputation for being able to find the most difficult to source candidates, even when our competitors have failed.

* Confederation of British Industry