Our Approach

Flexible and scalable to meet your needs

Working closely with global enterprises and multinationals, as well as local companies and SMEs, our specialist consultants ensure that we both fully understand our clients' specific requirements, as well as their culture and employment proposition and our candidates' career aspirations, to ensure that we can match the right candidate with the right job every time.

Flexible account management model

We recognise that for all of our clients, it's vital they work with a business partner that understands both their needs and the sector. But we also understand that different organisations have differing needs. This is why we offer a flexible account management model designed to ensure we can respond to your needs regardless of scale, volume or industry.

For SMEs, we provide a '360 Consultant' model: the Consultant you work with manages your account, acts as recruiter and manages the candidate throughout the recruitment process. You get to know your Consultant, and critically your Consultant gets to know you and understands your organisation and culture, which allows us to source candidates that make a better cultural and technical fit, while also reducing time-to-hire and increasing success. This model is fast and flexible, and ideal where you are hiring in one particular geography, function, or market.

For larger or enterprise level organisations that are likely to have a higher volume and more diverse recruitment requirements, our '180 model' offers a multi-disciplined solution. You will work directly with a specialist Account Manager whose role is to understand your business and your requirements. They will be supported by a team of specialist recruiters and researchers, who in turn will source, manage and engage with candidates locally, or within specific functions or markets.

Regardless of which model you work with, all our Consultants, Account Managers, Recruiters and Researchers are specialists, focused on a specific sector or industry, which means we'll define the team best able to meet your requirements and help you recruit across any sector, function, market or geography.

To find out more about our account management models and which one would best suit your requirements, please contact us.